Custom Made Ear Plugs for Musicians

Custom Made Ear Plugs for Musicians

custom earplugs for musicians with filter
Custom musician plugs with 15dB Etymotic™ Filters

Why Custom Musician Earplugs?

  • You can listen to loud music clearly and safely
  • Sound quality is consistent and accurate
  • You can wear them comfortably in your ears for hours
  • You’ll prevent ear fatigue
  • They’re easy to use and hygienic

How They Work

All sound is regulated through a proprietary filter that preserves the frequency response (sound quality) but reduces the intensity that is allowed in.

The filters are interchangeable so you can change your filters depending on your needs.

You can choose your set of filters – either 9dB, 15dB, or 25 dB of protection.

purple silicone custom earplugs for music
Silicone 3D printed musican plugs with 17dB mini filters