Ear Defenders Industrial Hearing Protection

Custom Molded Earplugs for Noise @ Work

Custom ear plugs for industrial hearing protectin

Protect Your Hearing While Hearing Your Co-workers

  • Exceed OHS mandatory standards
  • So comfortable you can easily wear them all day long
  • A perfect balance of protection from noise while still allowing you to carry on a conversation with your co-workers
  • Come with a convenient and rugged carrying case
  • Available in a wide range of colors

Sound Filters Options

Classes A, B, and C refer to different filters that can be installed inline through the custom Ear Defenders.

Filters give you the option of choosing how much sound you allow to pass through the plug.

You’ll choose whether you need filters or not and we’ll be happy to help you decide which option is best for you during your visit for your ear impressions.

image of minimum attenuation chart for custom earplugs industrial protection